Multi Family

Buying Criteria

The following criteria are used in identifying multifamily properties for acquisition, management and re-sale.  These criteria and the acquisitions that they produce, reinforce PineArk Investment’s philosophy of buying undervalued properties.

General Criteria

  • Potential High Yield Income Streams

  • Various capitalization rates depending on cash requirements, appreciation potential and property.

  • We purchase properties in two ways: Financing once PineArk has the capability to arrange financing and Cash Equity – “All Cash.”

  • Preferable off market properties.  Broker properties are welcomed.

  • We will not pay full retail value unless you are willing to finance at very favorable terms.

 Property Criteria

  • Multifamily residential apartments: TBD

  • Property must be operational

  • Property must be able to cash flow upon acquisition.

  • We generally prefer class B and class C properties.

  • Minimum size:  5 units up to 20 units.  Will consider 2-4 family with strong upside.

  • Age – any age but preferably properties constructed in the early to mid-80’s.

  • Roofs – prefer pitched construction.  But, will consider a flat roof based on price, age and location.

  • Minimum Occupancy – 70-80% however, PineArk will consider lower occupancy of 50% on properties that require major renovation, if the properties are well located and present value enhancement opportunities.


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